BassRave Recordings · TOMAS BURNER - MEMBER MIX

Spring BassJam Records · Tomas Burner Ft. Present Perfect - New Order

Radio B · Radio B - Mishmash SPECIAL SET (Tom Burner) 27.01.2022

Set for animal rights. Beginns with nice chilly liquids and ends up in fire

Funfact: this track was known between our friends as "Fuck the fuckups". Label didn´t like it.

After gathering with my Fractal crew members, this neuro-beast came out. Check it out

Tomas Burner · Foushee - Deep End(Tomas Burner, Present Perfect remix)

One of this amazing days where you sit with your fella in a studio and make benger

DJ CInic a.k.a. Filipo wanted to see us on his Radio B show called "Malý Pátek". First 30 minutes is interview and than pumped dNb set. Check the fire

Do you have feeling that people should give more to earth than we take? Do you like liquid? Than you will probbably like this one. Proudly cooperated with